highest growth rate

According to numerous business experts worldwide, eSports has the highest growth potential


Expand your offer with an eSport Corner and stand out from other businesses with this unique NICHE PRODUCT .
Contact us and be one of the first in your region with an eSport Corner!

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An eSport Corner is a fully equipped gaming area with high-end hardware and software, located in a business - be it a pub, restaurant, hotel or shopping mall.

- a company with hygiene rooms
- a room ready for occupancy from 36sqm to 120sqm
- Electricity and internet connection
- no additional personnel necessary

You have hardly any costs. The complete infrastructure comes from us:

- High End Gaming PC`s and Monitors
- Gaming chairs and tables
- Gaming peripherals (headset, controller, cables etc.)
- Linux server with management software

- commissioning
- Remote maintenance and service 24/7
- All games incl. daily game updates
- Online Ticket Sale

You increase your sales:

- through more drinks and food sold
- Operation gets added value from the niche product
- you get commission from ticket sales

In principle yes, but we make sure that the number of playgrounds and the number of eSport Corners in your area is in a good relation to the catchment area!

As you learned above, you can only benefit from an eSports Corner.

If you are interested, just give us a call or write us with the enclosed contact form or by e-mail. We look forward to starting a new eSports era in the German-speaking world together with you.

Ratko and Vicky